This free mentoring service aims to help people to recognise their strengths and abilities and to link them with supports that are available in their community to improve their lives.

The service is available to anyone over the age of 18 years that has asked for help.

Fresh Perspective provides training for the local Church Mentor Coordinators and prospective mentors who volunteer from the partner churches. Both Coordinators and mentors go through an accreditation process which includes background checks and references.

The Fresh Perspective Service Centre is available to answer any of your questions. Referrals and general enquiries go directly to the Fresh Perspective Service Centre. If referrals are accepted as suitable for mentoring they are passed onto a local Coordinator. The Coordinator then matches, and introduces, the person to the most suitable accredited mentor available.

Local coordinators provide supervision and pastoral care for the mentors. If issues arise that are outside the scope of mentoring, the support of qualified professionals from the Fresh Perspective Service Centre is available to ensure the appropriate response.

Mentoring is usually completed by mutual agreement once the goals are achieved, however a person may withdraw from having a mentor at any time.

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